Friday, October 21, 2016

Mena Dr Appts

I found the paper from last June when Mena went in for a check up.  It was right around when we moved so I'm impressed that I didn't lose the paper altogether!  She was 51.5 inches tall (79%) and 65.4 pounds (82%) with her BMI around 80%.

Mena had an appointment with the allergy doctor about a month ago.  She's most allergic to dust mites and cats.  We had a follow up visit this week and the new medicines are doing their job.  We're considering allergy shots for her.  It would mean less medicine in the long run, but the first year is expensive so we're looking at our budgets.  I'm considering having her wait until I finish my first year of allergy shots so my budget doesn't get hit so hard all at one time.

Maggie was SICK!!

Fall break had it's ups and downs.  Camp Fontanelle was fun.  Sunday we went to church which went well.  After church we stopped at the store and Maggie told me she was cold.  I thought that was weird because she's always hotter than the rest of us and I thought it was beautiful out with comfortable temps inside and outside.  Before we left the store, she had pulled her arms inside her shirt because she was so cold.  At home, Mena and I got lunch while Maggie fell asleep on the couch.  Again, weird because she's usually a very active kid.  She didn't feel warm when she fell asleep.  Her temp was around 102.  She had 4 potty accidents that night.  I called Monday morning and got a 1:15 pm doctor appt.  Her temp was around 100 when I called and by noon it was 104.5.  I called again and they told me to put her in a bath to bring the temp down.  With the bath and tylenol, it came down to 101.5.  Maggie had a throat swab, gave a urine sample, had 2 vials of blood drawn, and received a shot in each thigh.  The rapid strep came back negative.  The PA brought Maggie's pediatrician in to consult.  I was told I had to get her to drink more fluids or they were going to have to put her in the hospital for dehydration.  They didn't know what infection they were fighting so the two shots were a general antibiotic to buy them 24 hours to figure out what was wrong.  Her temp stayed around 101 to 102 with the shots.  The next day they called to tell me that she had E coli growing in the urine culture.  They prescribed a specific medicine for E coli and her temp came down to 99 to 100 within 12 hours.  Within 24 hours her temp was back to normal and she was playing.  I found this more scary than the time Mena fell and needed stitches.  Then we knew what was wrong and what to do.  Not knowing was horrible for me!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mena's 50 piece Puzzle

Mena was very proud that she finished this 50 piece puzzle telling the story of Moses.  She was even more proud to yell "I didn't blink!" after I took the picture.  Oh, the laughs my children give me!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Camp Fontanelle Pumpkin Patch

We met Briget and Sami at Godfather's in Fremont for lunch and then we drove to Camp Fontanelle's Pumpkin Patch.  We did the corn maze, the jumping pillow, the petting barn, a few games, ate a snack and took a lot of pictures with different cut outs.  The weather was the best it could have been for mid-October!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Children's Sabbath

Maggie is in the Cherub Choir and for the first time ever, she sang!!!  Gene and I were amazed and proud.  Mena is now in 2nd grade and moved up to the Sonshine Singers.  She's really enjoying the new choir group.  They sang a song from the VBS dvd so she was practicing at home, too, since she got the dvd for her birthday.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Maggie chose a cross stitch craft kit.  She did well while I was telling her exactly where to put each stitch but she wanted to be independent.  Without my help she just got frustrated and decided it was too hard.  The box says for 8 years and older so I'll just save it for when she's older.  Mena painted the birdhouse she got for her birthday.  I glued it together and then she painted it.  It is now hanging from the tree outside the kitchen window.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Shrinky Dinks

Mena got the first set of Shrinky Dinks that my girls have ever seen.  I was proud of how she shared it with her sister both in coloring the pieces before we baked them and in playing with them after they cooled.  These were a gift from Jada and Amy.  This is Mena's favorite picture with Jada.