Friday, March 23, 2018


Pollie is settling into our life.  I bought kennel deck and a 10 foot square kennel for the backyard which she enjoys.  She likes her dog bed and crawling under my bed.  She doesn't have separation anxiety.  Turns out she didn't like the hard kennel floor.  I figured out that she folds her paw under when she lays down.  That was causing a sore on each front paw.  Her paws healed over spring break and I bought a kennel pad.  There has been no whining when I put her in the kennel and she chooses to go into it to lay down or nap at other times when we're home.  Walk training is improving.  She still lunges as squirrels and barks at people, but she's not as aggressive as she was.  I have a trainer lined up to come in April to my house to help me figure out what else I need to do to make her obey me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Henry Doorly Zoo

We had Spring Break the week of March 12-16.  Monday, we spent at home.  Tuesday, we spent time with Amy and Jada.  Wednesday, we went to the Henry Doorly Zoo.  The girls thought an hour drive was going to be a really long time so they packed a lot of things to do in the car.  

The zoo was not as crowded as it is during the summer which was really nice.  We went through the Desert Dome and Kingdom of the Night first.  Then we went to the new children's area.  The girls were able to pet the goats, climb on rocks, and play on the huge play structure.  They enjoyed the aquarium where they were able to touch starfish, watch jellyfish, and Maggie took a picture of Mena and me by a sting ray.  The girls measured their height next to the ape display.  We also saw a mom with her baby gorilla.  There were a couple new apes that "sing" to mark their territory.  They were really loud and fun to watch as they swung around their area.  We ate lunch and snack at the zoo.  We were home in time for supper.

Thursday, we stayed home.  Friday, we went to the Museum of Nebraska History.  There were a lot of changes since we were last there.  The doll house, which is their favorite, was still there.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Sunday afternoon, Mena had Presley over and Maggie had Emily over.  I let the girls paint first and then they played all kinds of things inside and outside.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

New Purses

For Valentine's Day, the girls each got $5 from Grandma and Papa.  They picked out sequin purses.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Wendy's PTO Fundraiser

Girls were excited to see friends from school at the PTO fundraiser.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Heart Pizza

We made our traditional heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


I've been pondering adopting a dog for quite a while.  I've been divorced 5 years and I still get lonely in this empty house when the kids go to their dad's.  I've especially noticed the quietness since we switched to a 7&7 schedule.  I was planning to adopt a smaller dog since that size wouldn't need as much exercise but either I wasn't finding what I thought we should adopt or the dog already had a pending adoption before I got to meet it.  Early in my search I found Pollie at the Beatrice Humane Society.  She looks like my first dog, Emmy Lou.  I really like bigger dogs for walking and just feeling the safety of having somewhat of a guard dog.  I told myself that I needed to get a smaller dog this time.  About once a week, I'd go back to the Beatrice Humane Society website and look at the pictures.  On January 27th, I called to ask questions.  They told me that she was indifferent to the kids from the local elementary who came to read to the dogs (neither excited nor aggressive).  She'd been through training and had possibly been previously house trained as she had not had any accidents in her kennel since adjusting to the staff schedule of letting the dogs out.  I took about 20 minutes to decide and then drove to Beatrice to get her.  She was very calm when I met her and I knew within minutes that I was taking her home with me.

The last 6 months had been rough for Pollie.  She'd been surrendered in IA weighing 25 pounds.  That shelter got her up to 50 pounds but no one wanted to adopt her so they were going to euthanize her.  Second Chance Pups brought her to Nebraska where an inmate at the state pen trained her for 8 weeks.  I was told she'd passed her AKC good manners test, but later I read the paper signed by the tester and realized the "did not pass" box was checked!  During that 8 weeks no one adopted her, so Second Chance Pups asked the Beatrice Humane Society to take her since they are the only no kill shelter in Nebraska.  She'd been at the humane society for 2 months before I adopted her.

The first kennel I bought off facebook was too small for her.  I made her stay in it while I went to the basketball game to watch Mena.  When I told the girls that I'd adopted a dog, Maggie declared that she didn't want a dog.  Um, I already adopted her and she's at home.  Mena asked if I was serious.  I told her yes and showed her the picture of Pollie in my car.  By the time we left after Mena's performance, Maggie was asking if we would introduce Pollie to her and Mena so she wouldn't be scared.  Her step-mom and I assured her that I would introduce them and it would be fine.

After the game, I took Pollie to Petco to buy a bigger kennel.  The one in the picture was too big and too expensive, but it worked until I was able to borrow one from a friend.  Then I ordered the right size off Amazon for a much better price and it is in the living room now.  Who knew I'd have so much trouble over a crate for her!

Monday night the girls came home.  Mena bonded with Pollie immediately.  Maggie was excited as long as there was a good 6 feet between her and Pollie.  Tuesday morning, I took the picture of Mena and Pollie in my bedroom shortly before Maggie came in.  Maggie came into my bedroom with her hands behind her back and asked if we smelled a dog bone.  I replied that we had a dog and there would be lots of dog smells in our house now.  She then turned to Pollie and excitedly yelled, "Sit, Pollie, Sit!"  Pollie laid down and Maggie threw a milk bone at her.  There was only 2 feet between Maggie and Pollie so I called that progress!  Tuesday night is when I took the picture of Maggie brushing Pollie and shortly before bed, Maggie actually touched Pollie with her hand!  Huge progress in a short amount of time.  Wednesday morning, Maggie came into my bedroom and took Pollie's leash while telling her, "Come on, it's time for me to get dressed!"

Maggie had a time out with Pollie in her room and later told me that Pollie helped her calm down.  Mena enjoys petting and sitting with Pollie.  I think Pollie has a calming effect on all of us!  

We bought Pollie a dog bed which she loves laying in.  Within a week, I was able to let Pollie sleep in my bedroom rather than kenneling her at night.  She's been doing great with my training.  I can definitely tell she was previously trained.  I'm still working on training her to stay off the furniture, but it's getting better.  The only time she barks is when she sees someone near our house.  She likes running from the living room window to the kitchen window to watch out both the front and back yards.  She barks and tries to go play with other dogs she sees on walks.  She pulls on the leash so that's another thing I need to work on.